The house I've moved to is very small and I

All you need to know about installing a downstairs toilet including costs of materials, labour and time frames. It’s a toilet and small sink but useful! Utilising an existing space as a new toilet you may want to consider other related jobs at the same time. However, Saniflo type macerating toilet systems are much easier to install compared to traditional toilet systems as when waste is flushed it is completely pulverized then pumped up to 150 feet away. The house I’ve moved to is very small and I would like an additional under stairs toilet downstairs. The space under the stairs is currently used for storage. Also, to connect to the external waste mean tunneling from the new toilet under the kitchen floor. The plumbing sits under the stairs so not in the actual room. The key to keeping costs down when installing a downstairs toilet is to keep things simple, but you will need at least a small wash basin plus some sort of ventilation and a light source. Do you already use your under stairs space for anything in particular? Fit a toilet under the stairs in our Victorian house. The cost of having a toilet installed under your stairs can vary greatly depending on how much work is required. As in this example, you may not have direct access to under the stairs, and what an ingenius solution this is! On average adding a new downstairs toilet will take about 10 days to complete. When installing a conventional toilet it is necessary to lift floors and install plumbing to your current main drainpipe. It’s not very big but would fit a toilet and a small sink. Whether you had the door on the side, or at the end of the staircase like shown here, you can see that the space under the stairs is perfect for a toilet and a sink area. It also utilises the most space under the stairs for storage, and keeps everything looking tidy. Adding a downstairs toilet can make a home much better to live in and increase not just the value, but also the appeal and saleability of your house! It’s 800 wide and at the back where the toilet will sit it’ll be 1400 tall. Can I add another a toilet to the other side of the house from my upstairs bathroom? To fit a downstairs toilet and basin, a plumber will often work on their own to complete the work and will take anywhere between 2-4 days. However small your new toilet may be, you still need to comply with all building regulations although planning permission may not be required unless you live in a listed building. Our problem is the consumer unit is situated under the stairs and the space stores the Hoover.